An engine that continuously reads messages from SQS and fires them as events.

Note that long polling is utilized to avoid excessive CPU usage.

2015.8.0 新版功能.


This engine can be run on the master or on a minion.

Example Config:
  • sqs_events:

    queue: test profile: my-sqs-profile #optional

Explicit sqs credentials are accepted but this engine can also utilize IAM roles assigned to the instance through Instance Profiles. Dynamic credentials are then automatically obtained from AWS API and no further configuration is necessary. More Information available at:

If IAM roles are not used you need to specify them either in a pillar or in the config file of the master or minion, as appropriate:

sqs.key: askdjghsdfjkghWupUjasdflkdfklgjsdfjajkghs

A region may also be specified in the configuration:

sqs.region: us-east-1

If a region is not specified, the default is us-east-1.

It's also possible to specify key, keyid and region via a profile:


keyid: GKTADJGHEIQSXMKKRBJ08H key: askdjghsdfjkghWupUjasdflkdfklgjsdfjajkghs region: us-east-1



salt.engines.sqs_events.start(queue, profile=None, tag='salt/engine/sqs')

Listen to events and write them to a log file