This module is a central location for all salt exceptions

exception salt.exceptions.AuthenticationError(message='')

If sha256 signature fails during decryption

exception salt.exceptions.AuthorizationError(message='')

Thrown when runner or wheel execution fails due to permissions

exception salt.exceptions.CommandExecutionError(message='', info=None)

Used when a module runs a command which returns an error and wants to show the user the output gracefully instead of dying

exception salt.exceptions.CommandNotFoundError(message='')

Used in modules or grains when a required binary is not available

exception salt.exceptions.EauthAuthenticationError(message='')

Thrown when eauth authentication fails

exception salt.exceptions.FileserverConfigError(message='')

Used when invalid fileserver settings are detected

exception salt.exceptions.LoaderError(message='')

Problems loading the right renderer

exception salt.exceptions.MasterExit

Rise when the master exits

exception salt.exceptions.MinionError(message='')

Minion problems reading uris such as salt:// or http://

exception salt.exceptions.NotImplemented(message='')

Used when a module runs a command which returns an error and wants to show the user the output gracefully instead of dying

exception salt.exceptions.PkgParseError(message='')

Used when of the pkg modules cannot correctly parse the output from the CLI tool (pacman, yum, apt, aptitude, etc)

exception salt.exceptions.PublishError(message='')

Problems encountered when trying to publish a command

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCacheError(message='')

Thrown when a problem was encountered trying to read or write from the salt cache

exception salt.exceptions.SaltClientError(message='')

Problem reading the master root key

exception salt.exceptions.SaltClientTimeout(msg, jid=None, *args, **kwargs)

Thrown when a job sent through one of the Client interfaces times out

Takes the jid as a parameter

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudConfigError(message='')

Raised when a configuration setting is not found and should exist.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudException(message='')

Generic Salt Cloud Exception

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudExecutionFailure(message='')

Raised when too much failures have occurred while querying/waiting for data.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudExecutionTimeout(message='')

Raised when too much time has passed while querying/waiting for data.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudNotFound(message='')

Raised when some cloud provider function cannot find what's being searched.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudPasswordError(message='')

Raise when virtual terminal password input failed

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudSystemExit(message, exit_code=1)

This exception is raised when the execution should be stopped.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltDaemonNotRunning(message='')

Throw when a running master/minion/syndic is not running but is needed to perform the requested operation (e.g., eauth).

exception salt.exceptions.SaltException(message='')

Base exception class; all Salt-specific exceptions should subclass this


Pack this exception into a serializable dictionary that is safe for transport via msgpack

exception salt.exceptions.SaltInvocationError(message='')

Used when the wrong number of arguments are sent to modules or invalid arguments are specified on the command line

exception salt.exceptions.SaltMasterError(message='')

Problem reading the master root key

exception salt.exceptions.SaltNoMinionsFound(message='')

An attempt to retrieve a list of minions failed

exception salt.exceptions.SaltRenderError(message, line_num=None, buf='', marker=' <======================', trace=None)

Used when a renderer needs to raise an explicit error. If a line number and buffer string are passed, get_context will be invoked to get the location of the error.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltReqTimeoutError(message='')

Thrown when a salt master request call fails to return within the timeout

exception salt.exceptions.SaltRunnerError(message='')

Problem in runner

exception salt.exceptions.SaltSyndicMasterError(message='')

Problem while proxying a request in the syndication master

exception salt.exceptions.SaltSystemExit(code=0, msg=None)

This exception is raised when an unsolvable problem is found. There's nothing else to do, salt should just exit.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltWheelError(message='')

Problem in wheel

exception salt.exceptions.TimedProcTimeoutError(message='')

Thrown when a timed subprocess does not terminate within the timeout, or if the specified timeout is not an int or a float

exception salt.exceptions.TokenAuthenticationError(message='')

Thrown when token authentication fails