Simple returner for Couchbase. Optional configuration settings are listed below, along with sane defaults. 'salt' couchbase.port: 8091 couchbase.bucket: 'salt' couchbase.skip_verify_views: False

To use the couchbase returner, append '--return couchbase' to the salt command. ex:

salt '*' --return couchbase

All of the return data will be stored in documents as follows:


load: load obj tgt_minions: list of minions targeted nocache: should we not cache the return data


return: return_data out: out_data


Return the information returned when the specified job id was executed


Return a list of all job ids


Return the load data that marks a specified jid

salt.returners.couchbase_return.prep_jid(nocache=False, passed_jid=None)

Return a job id and prepare the job id directory This is the function responsible for making sure jids don't collide (unless its passed a jid) So do what you have to do to make sure that stays the case


Return data to the local job cache

salt.returners.couchbase_return.save_load(jid, clear_load)

Save the load to the specified jid