Getting Started With Saltify

The Saltify driver is a new, experimental driver for installing Salt on existing machines (virtual or bare metal).


The Saltify driver has no external dependencies.


Because the Saltify driver does not use an actual cloud provider host, it has a simple provider configuration. The only thing that is required to be set is the driver name, and any other potentially useful information, like the location of the salt-master:

# Note: This example is for /etc/salt/cloud.providers file or any file in
# the /etc/salt/cloud.providers.d/ directory.

    master: 111.222.333.444
  provider: saltify


Saltify requires a profile to be configured for each machine that needs Salt installed. The initial profile can be set up at /etc/salt/cloud.profiles or in the /etc/salt/cloud.profiles.d/ directory. Each profile requires both an ssh_host and an ssh_username key parameter as well as either an key_filename or a password.

Profile configuration example:

# /etc/salt/cloud.profiles.d/saltify.conf

  ssh_username: root
  key_filename: '/etc/salt/mysshkey.pem'
  provider: my-saltify-config

The machine can now be "Salted" with the following command:

salt-cloud -p salt-this-machine my-machine

This will install salt on the machine specified by the cloud profile, salt-this-machine, and will give the machine the minion id of my-machine. If the command was executed on the salt-master, its Salt key will automatically be signed on the master.

Once a salt-minion has been successfully installed on the instance, connectivity to it can be verified with Salt:

salt my-machine

Using Map Files

The settings explained in the section above may also be set in a map file. An example of how to use the Saltify driver with a map file follows:

# /etc/salt/saltify-map

  - my-instance-0:
      ssh_username: root
      password: very-bad-password
  - my-instance-1:
      ssh_username: root
      password: another-bad-pass

Note: When using a cloud map with the Saltify driver, the name of the profile to use, in this case make_salty, must be defined in a profile config. For example:

# /etc/salt/cloud.profiles.d/saltify.conf

  provider: my-saltify-config

The machines listed in the map file can now be "Salted" by applying the following salt map command:

salt-cloud -m /etc/salt/saltify-map

This command will install salt on the machines specified in the map and will give each machine their minion id of my-instance-0 and my-instance-1, respectively. If the command was executed on the salt-master, its Salt key will automatically be signed on the master.

Connectivity to the new "Salted" instances can now be verified with Salt:

salt 'my-instance-*'