Salt 0.16.3 Release Notes


Version 0.16.3 is another bugfix release for 0.16.0. The changes include:

  • Various documentation fixes
  • Fix proc directory regression (issue 6502)
  • Properly detect Linaro Linux (issue 6496)
  • Fix regressions in mount.mounted (issue 6522, issue 6545)
  • Skip malformed state requisites (issue 6521)
  • Fix regression in gitfs from bad import
  • Fix for watching prereq states (including recursive requisite error) (issue 6057)
  • Fix mod_watch not overriding prereq (issue 6520)
  • Don't allow functions which compile states to be called within states (issue 5623)
  • Return error for malformed top.sls (issue 6544)
  • Fix traceback in mysql.query
  • Fix regression in binary package installation for 64-bit packages on Debian-based Linux distros (issue 6563)
  • Fix traceback caused by running cp.push without having set file_recv in the master config file
  • Fix scheduler configuration in pillar (issue 6201)