Salt 0.17.5 Release Notes


Version 0.17.5 is another bugfix release for 0.17.0. The changes include:

  • Fix user.present states with non-string fullname (issue 9085)
  • Fix virt.init return value on failure (issue 6870)
  • Fix reporting of file.blockreplace state when test=True
  • Fix network.interfaces when used in cron (issue 7990)
  • Fix bug in pkgrepo when switching to/from mirrorlist-based repo def (issue 9121)
  • Fix infinite recursion when cache file is corrupted
  • Add checking for rev and mirror/bare args in git.latest (issue 9107)
  • Add alias (points to cmd.wait) (issue 8612)
  • Fix stacktrace when prereq is not formed as a list (issue 8235)
  • Fix stdin issue with lvdisplay command (issue 9128)
  • Add pre-check function for range matcher (issue 9236)
  • Add exception handling for psutil for processes that go missing (issue 9274)
  • Allow _in requisites to match both on ID and name (issue 9061)
  • Fix multiple client timeout issues (issue 7157 and issue 9302, probably others)
  • Fix ZMQError: Operation cannot be accomplished in current state errors (issue 6306)
  • Multiple optimization in minion auth routines
  • Clarify logs for minion ID caching