Setup of Python virtualenv sandboxes.

0.17.0 新版功能.

salt.states.virtualenv_mod.managed(name, venv_bin=None, requirements=None, system_site_packages=False, distribute=False, use_wheel=False, clear=False, python=None, extra_search_dir=None, never_download=None, prompt=None, user=None, no_chown=False, cwd=None, index_url=None, extra_index_url=None, pre_releases=False, no_deps=False, pip_download=None, pip_download_cache=None, pip_exists_action=None, pip_ignore_installed=False, proxy=None, use_vt=False, env_vars=None, no_use_wheel=False, pip_upgrade=False, pip_pkgs=None)

Create a virtualenv and optionally manage it with pip

Path to the virtualenv.
Path to a pip requirements file. If the path begins with salt:// the file will be transferred from the master file server.
Path to the working directory where pip install is executed.
The user under which to run virtualenv and pip.
no_chown: False
When user is given, do not attempt to copy and chown a requirements file (needed if the requirements file refers to other files via relative paths, as the copy-and-chown procedure does not account for such files)
use_wheel : False
Prefer wheel archives (requires pip >= 1.4).
no_use_wheel : False
Force to not use wheel archives (requires pip>=1.4)
no_deps: False
Pass --no-deps to pip install.
pip_exists_action: None
Default action of pip when a path already exists: (s)witch, (i)gnore, (w)ipe, (b)ackup
proxy: None
Proxy address which is passed to pip install.
Set environment variables that some builds will depend on. For example, a Python C-module may have a Makefile that needs INCLUDE_PATH set to pick up a header file while compiling.
pip_upgrade: False
Pass --upgrade to pip install.
pip_pkgs: None
As an alternative to requirements, pass a list of pip packages that should be installed.

Also accepts any kwargs that the virtualenv module will. However, some kwargs require - distribute: True

    - system_site_packages: False
    - requirements: salt://REQUIREMENTS.txt