Full list of builtin execution modules

Virtual modules

aliases Manage the information in the aliases file
alternatives Support for Alternatives system
apache Support for Apache
aptpkg Support for APT (Advanced Packaging Tool)
archive A module to wrap (non-Windows) archive calls
artifactory Module for fetching artifacts from Artifactory
at Wrapper module for at(1)
augeas_cfg Manages configuration files via augeas
aws_sqs Support for the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
bamboohr Support for BambooHR
bcache Module for managing BCache sets
beacons Module for managing the Salt beacons on a minion
bigip An execution module which can manipulate an f5 bigip via iControl REST
blockdev Module for managing block devices
bluez Support for Bluetooth (using BlueZ in Linux).
boto_asg Connection module for Amazon Autoscale Groups
boto_cfn Connection module for Amazon Cloud Formation
boto_cloudtrail Connection module for Amazon CloudTrail
boto_cloudwatch Connection module for Amazon CloudWatch
boto_datapipeline Connection module for Amazon Data Pipeline
boto_dynamodb Connection module for Amazon DynamoDB
boto_ec2 Connection module for Amazon EC2
boto_elasticache Connection module for Amazon Elasticache
boto_elb Connection module for Amazon ELB
boto_iam Connection module for Amazon IAM
boto_iot Connection module for Amazon IoT
boto_kms Connection module for Amazon KMS
boto_lambda Connection module for Amazon Lambda
boto_rds Connection module for Amazon RDS
boto_route53 Connection module for Amazon Route53
boto_secgroup Connection module for Amazon Security Groups
boto_sns Connection module for Amazon SNS
boto_sqs Connection module for Amazon SQS
boto_vpc Connection module for Amazon VPC
bower Manage and query Bower packages
bridge Module for gathering and managing bridging information
bsd_shadow Manage the password database on BSD systems
btrfs Module for managing BTRFS file systems.
cabal Manage and query Cabal packages
cassandra Cassandra NoSQL Database Module
cassandra_cql Cassandra Database Module
chassis Glue execution module to link to the fx2 proxymodule.
chef Execute chef in server or solo mode
chocolatey A dead simple module wrapping calls to the Chocolatey package manager
chronos Module providing a simple management interface to a chronos cluster.
cloud Salt-specific interface for calling Salt Cloud directly
cmdmod A module for shelling out.
composer Use composer to install PHP dependencies for a directory


consul Interact with Consul
container_resource Common resources for LXC and systemd-nspawn containers
cp Minion side functions for salt-cp
cpan Manage Perl modules using CPAN
cron Work with cron
cyg Manage cygwin packages.
daemontools daemontools service module. This module will create daemontools type
data Manage a local persistent data structure that can hold any arbitrary data
ddns Support for RFC 2136 dynamic DNS updates.
deb_apache Support for Apache
deb_postgres Module to provide Postgres compatibility to salt for debian family specific tools.
debbuild Debian Package builder system
debconfmod Support for Debconf
debian_ip The networking module for Debian based distros
debian_service Service support for Debian systems (uses update-rc.d and /sbin/service)
devmap Device-Mapper module
dig Compendium of generic DNS utilities.
disk Module for managing disks and blockdevices
djangomod Manage Django sites
dnsmasq Module for managing dnsmasq
dnsutil Compendium of generic DNS utilities
dockercompose Module to import docker-compose via saltstack
dockerio Management of Docker Containers
dockerng Management of Docker Containers
dpkg Support for DEB packages
drac Manage Dell DRAC
dracr Manage Dell DRAC.
drbd DRBD administration module
ebuild Support for Portage
eix Support for Eix
elasticsearch Elasticsearch - A distributed RESTful search and analytics server
environ Support for getting and setting the environment variables of the current salt process.
eselect Support for eselect, Gentoo's configuration and management tool.
esxi Glues the VMware vSphere Execution Module to the VMware ESXi Proxy Minions to the esxi proxymodule.
etcd_mod Execution module to work with etcd
ethtool Module for running ethtool command
event Use the Salt Event System to fire events from the master to the minion and vice-versa.
extfs Module for managing ext2/3/4 file systems
file Manage information about regular files, directories,
firewalld Support for firewalld.
freebsd_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters
freebsdjail The jail module for FreeBSD
freebsdkmod Module to manage FreeBSD kernel modules
freebsdpkg Remote package support using pkg_add(1)
freebsdports Install software from the FreeBSD ports(7) system
freebsdservice The service module for FreeBSD
gem Manage ruby gems.
genesis Module for managing container and VM images
gentoo_service Top level package command wrapper, used to translate the os detected by grains
gentoolkitmod Support for Gentoolkit
git Support for the Git SCM
github Module for interop with the Github v3 API
glance Module for handling openstack glance calls.
glusterfs Manage a glusterfs pool
gnomedesktop GNOME implementations
gpg Manage a GPG keychains, add keys, create keys, retrieve keys from keyservers.
grains Return/control aspects of the grains data
groupadd Manage groups on Linux, OpenBSD and NetBSD
grub_legacy Support for GRUB Legacy
guestfs Interact with virtual machine images via libguestfs
hadoop Support for hadoop
haproxyconn Support for haproxy
hashutil A collection of hashing and encoding functions
hg Support for the Mercurial SCM
hipchat Module for sending messages to hipchat.
hosts Manage the information in the hosts file
htpasswd Support for htpasswd command.
http Module for making various web calls.
ifttt Support for IFTTT
ilo Manage HP ILO
img Virtual machine image management tools
incron Work with incron
influx InfluxDB - A distributed time series database
ini_manage Edit ini files
introspect Functions to perform introspection on a minion, and return data in a format
ipmi Support IPMI commands over LAN.
ipset Support for ipset
iptables Support for iptables
iwtools Support for Wireless Tools for Linux
jboss7 Module for managing JBoss AS 7 through the CLI interface.
jboss7_cli Module for low-level interaction with JbossAS7 through CLI.
jenkins Module for controlling Jenkins
junos Module for interfacing to Junos devices
kerberos Manage Kerberos KDC


keyboard Module for managing keyboards on supported POSIX-like systems using systemd, or such as Redhat, Debian and Gentoo.
keystone Module for handling openstack keystone calls.
kmod Module to manage Linux kernel modules
launchctl Module for the management of MacOS systems that use launchd/launchctl
layman Support for Layman
ldap3 Query and modify an LDAP database (alternative interface)
ldapmod Salt interface to LDAP commands
linux_acl Support for Linux File Access Control Lists
linux_ip The networking module for Non-RH/Deb Linux distros
linux_lvm Support for Linux LVM2
linux_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters
localemod Module for managing locales on POSIX-like systems.
locate Module for using the locate utilities
logadm Module for managing Solaris logadm based log rotations.
logrotate Module for managing logrotate.
lvs Support for LVS (Linux Virtual Server)
lxc Control Linux Containers via Salt
mac_group Manage groups on Mac OS 10.7+

2016.3.0 新版功能.

mac_softwareupdate Support for the softwareupdate command on MacOS.
mac_user Manage users on Mac OS 10.7+
makeconf Support for modifying make.conf under Gentoo
marathon Module providing a simple management interface to a marathon cluster.
match The match module allows for match routines to be run and determine target specs
mdadm Salt module to manage RAID arrays with mdadm
mdata Module for managaging metadata in SmartOS Zones
memcached Module for Management of Memcached Keys
mine The function cache system allows for data to be stored on the master so it can be easily read by other minions
minion Module to provide information about minions
mod_random Provides access to randomness generators.
modjk Control Modjk via the Apache Tomcat "Status" worker
mongodb Module to provide MongoDB functionality to Salt
monit Monit service module.
moosefs Module for gathering and managing information about MooseFS
mount Salt module to manage Unix mounts and the fstab file
mssql Module to provide MS SQL Server compatibility to salt.
munin Run munin plugins/checks from salt and format the output as data.
mysql Module to provide MySQL compatibility to salt.
nacl This module helps include encrypted passwords in pillars, grains and salt state files.
nagios Run nagios plugins/checks from salt and get the return as data.
nagios_rpc Check Host & Service status from Nagios via JSON RPC.
napalm_network Basic functions from Napalm library
netaddress Module for getting information about network addresses.
netbsd_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters
netbsdservice The service module for NetBSD
netscaler Module to provide Citrix Netscaler compatibility to Salt (compatible with netscaler 9.2+)
network Module for gathering and managing network information
neutron Module for handling OpenStack Neutron calls
nfs3 Module for managing NFS version 3.
nftables Support for nftables
nginx Support for nginx
node Module for full system inspection.
nova Module for handling OpenStack Nova calls
npm Manage and query NPM packages.
nspawn Manage nspawn containers
omapi This module interacts with an ISC DHCP Server via OMAPI.
openbsd_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying OpenBSD sysctl parameters
openbsdpkg Package support for OpenBSD
openbsdrcctl The rcctl service module for OpenBSD
openbsdservice The service module for OpenBSD
openstack_config Modify, retrieve, or delete values from OpenStack configuration files.
openvswitch Support for Open vSwitch - module with basic Open vSwitch commands.
opkg Support for Opkg
oracle Oracle DataBase connection module
osquery Support for OSQuery - https://osquery.io.
pacman A module to wrap pacman calls, since Arch is the best
pagerduty Module for Firing Events via PagerDuty
pagerduty_util Module for manageing PagerDuty resource
pam Support for pam
parted Module for managing partitions on POSIX-like systems.
pecl Manage PHP pecl extensions.
philips_hue Philips HUE lamps module for proxy.
pillar Extract the pillar data for this minion
pip Install Python packages with pip to either the system or a virtualenv
pkg_resource Resources needed by pkg providers
pkgin Package support for pkgin based systems, inspired from freebsdpkg module
pkgng Support for pkgng, the new package manager for FreeBSD
pkgutil Pkgutil support for Solaris
portage_config Configure portage(5)
postfix Support for Postfix
postgres Module to provide Postgres compatibility to salt.
poudriere Support for poudriere
powerpath powerpath support.
ps A salt interface to psutil, a system and process library.
publish Publish a command from a minion to a target
puppet Execute puppet routines
pushbullet Module for sending messages to Pushbullet (https://www.pushbullet.com)
pushover_notify Module for sending messages to Pushover (https://www.pushover.net)
pw_group Manage groups on FreeBSD
pw_user Manage users with the useradd command
pyenv Manage python installations with pyenv.
qemu_img Qemu-img Command Wrapper
qemu_nbd Qemu Command Wrapper
quota Module for managing quotas on POSIX-like systems.
rabbitmq Module to provide RabbitMQ compatibility to Salt.
raet_publish Publish a command from a minion to a target
rallydev Support for RallyDev
random_org Module for retrieving random information from Random.org
rbenv Manage ruby installations with rbenv.
rdp Manage RDP Service on Windows servers
redismod Module to provide redis functionality to Salt
rest_package Service support for the REST example
rest_service Provide the service module for the proxy-minion REST sample
restartcheck checkrestart functionality for Debian and Red Hat Based systems
ret Module to integrate with the returner system and retrieve data sent to a salt returner
rh_ip The networking module for RHEL/Fedora based distros
rh_service Service support for RHEL-based systems, including support for both upstart and sysvinit
riak Riak Salt Module
rpm Support for rpm
rpmbuild RPM Package builder system
rsync Wrapper for rsync
runit runit service module
rvm Manage ruby installations and gemsets with RVM, the Ruby Version Manager.
s3 Connection module for Amazon S3
s6 s6 service module
salt_proxy Salt proxy module
saltcloudmod Control a salt cloud system
saltutil The Saltutil module is used to manage the state of the salt minion itself.
schedule Module for managing the Salt schedule on a minion
scsi SCSI administration module
sdb Module for Manipulating Data via the Salt DB API
seed Virtual machine image management tools
selinux Execute calls on selinux
sensors Read lm-sensors
serverdensity_device Wrapper around Server Density API
service The default service module, if not otherwise specified salt will fall back
shadow Manage the shadow file
slack_notify Module for sending messages to Slack
slsutil Utility functions for use with or in SLS files
smartos_imgadm Module for running imgadm command on SmartOS
smartos_virt virst compatibility module for managing VMs on SmartOS
smartos_vmadm Module for running vmadm command on SmartOS
smbios Interface to SMBIOS/DMI
smf Service support for Solaris 10 and 11, should work with other systems that use SMF also.
smtp Module for Sending Messages via SMTP
solaris_fmadm Module for running fmadm and fmdump on Solaris
solaris_group Manage groups on Solaris
solaris_shadow Manage the password database on Solaris systems

支持reboot, shutdown,等等

solaris_user Manage users with the useradd command
solarisips IPS pkg support for Solaris
solarispkg Package support for Solaris
solr Apache Solr Salt Module
splunk Module for interop with the Splunk API
splunk_search Module for interop with the Splunk API
sqlite3 Support for SQLite3
ssh Manage client ssh components
ssh_package Service support for the REST example
ssh_service Provide the service module for the proxy-minion SSH sample ..
state Control the state system on the minion.
status Module for returning various status data about a minion.
stormpath Support for Stormpath
supervisord Provide the service module for system supervisord or supervisord in a
svn Subversion SCM
swift Module for handling OpenStack Swift calls
sysbench The 'sysbench' module is used to analyze the performance of the minions, right from the master! It measures various system parameters such as CPU, Memory, File I/O, Threads and Mutex.
sysfs Module for interfacing with SysFS
syslog_ng Module for getting information about syslog-ng
sysmod The sys module provides information about the available functions on the minion
sysrc sysrc module for FreeBSD

支持reboot, shutdown,等等

system_profiler System Profiler Module
systemd Provide the service module for systemd
telemetry Connection module for Telemetry
temp Simple module for creating temporary directories and files
test Module for running arbitrary tests
test_virtual Module for running arbitrary tests with a __virtual__ function
timezone Module for managing timezone on POSIX-like systems.
tls A salt module for SSL/TLS.


trafficserver Apache Traffic Server execution module.
tuned Interface to Red Hat tuned-adm module
twilio_notify Module for notifications via Twilio
udev Manage and query udev info
upstart Module for the management of upstart systems.
uptime Wrapper around uptime API
useradd Manage users with the useradd command
uwsgi uWSGI stats server http://uwsgi-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/StatsServer.html
varnish Support for Varnish
vbox_guest VirtualBox Guest Additions installer
vboxmanage Support for VirtualBox using the VBoxManage command
victorops Support for VictorOps
virt Work with virtual machines managed by libvirt
virtualenv_mod Create virtualenv environments.
vsphere Manage VMware vCenter servers and ESXi hosts.
win_autoruns Module for listing programs that automatically run on startup
win_dacl Manage DACLs on Windows
win_disk Module for gathering disk information on Windows
win_dns_client Module for configuring DNS Client on Windows systems
win_dsc Module for managing PowerShell modules
win_file Manage information about files on the minion, set/read user, group
win_firewall Module for configuring Windows Firewall
win_groupadd Manage groups on Windows
win_iis Microsoft IIS site management via WebAdministration powershell module
win_ip The networking module for Windows based systems
win_network Module for gathering and managing network information
win_ntp Management of NTP servers on Windows
win_path Manage the Windows System PATH
win_pkg A module to manage software on Windows
win_powercfg This module allows you to control the power settings of a windows minion via powercfg.
win_repo Module to manage Windows software repo on a Standalone Minion
win_servermanager Manage Windows features via the ServerManager powershell module
win_service Windows Service module.
win_shadow Manage the shadow file
win_status Module for returning various status data about a minion.
win_system Module for managing windows systems.
win_task Windows Task Scheduler Module ..
win_timezone Module for managing timezone on Windows systems.
win_update Module for running windows updates.
win_useradd Module for managing Windows Users
win_wua Module for managing Windows Updates using the Windows Update Agent.
x509 Manage X509 certificates
xapi This module (mostly) uses the XenAPI to manage Xen virtual machines.
xfs Module for managing XFS file systems.
xmpp Module for Sending Messages via XMPP (a.k.a.
yumpkg Support for YUM/DNF
zabbix Support for Zabbix
zcbuildout Management of zc.buildout
zenoss Module for working with the Zenoss API
zfs Salt interface to ZFS commands
zk_concurrency Concurrency controls in zookeeper
znc znc - An advanced IRC bouncer
zpool Module for running ZFS zpool command
zypper Package support for openSUSE via the zypper package manager