Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters

salt.modules.linux_sysctl.assign(name, value)

Assign a single sysctl parameter for this minion

CLI 范例:

salt '*' sysctl.assign net.ipv4.ip_forward 1

Linux hosts using systemd 207 or later ignore /etc/sysctl.conf and only load from /etc/sysctl.d/*.conf. This function will do the proper checks and return a default config file which will be valid for the Minion. Hosts running systemd >= 207 will use /etc/sysctl.d/99-salt.conf.

CLI 范例:

salt -G 'kernel:Linux' sysctl.default_config

Return a single sysctl parameter for this minion

CLI 范例:

salt '*' sysctl.get net.ipv4.ip_forward
salt.modules.linux_sysctl.persist(name, value, config=None)

Assign and persist a simple sysctl parameter for this minion. If config is not specified, a sensible default will be chosen using sysctl.default_config.

CLI 范例:

salt '*' sysctl.persist net.ipv4.ip_forward 1

Return a list of sysctl parameters for this minion

config: Pull the data from the system configuration file
instead of the live data.

CLI 范例:

salt '*'