Execute puppet routines


2014.7.0 新版功能.

Disable the puppet agent


2015.5.2 新版功能.

Disable message to send to puppet

CLI 范例:

salt '*' puppet.disable
salt '*' puppet.disable 'Disabled, contact XYZ before enabling'

2014.7.0 新版功能.

Enable the puppet agent

CLI 范例:

salt '*' puppet.enable
salt.modules.puppet.fact(name, puppet=False)

Run facter for a specific fact

CLI 范例:

salt '*' puppet.fact kernel

Run facter and return the results

CLI 范例:

salt '*' puppet.facts
salt.modules.puppet.noop(*args, **kwargs)

Execute a puppet noop run and return a dict with the stderr, stdout, return code, etc. Usage is the same as for

CLI 范例:

salt '*' puppet.noop
salt '*' puppet.noop tags=basefiles::edit,apache::server
salt '*' puppet.noop debug
salt '*' puppet.noop apply /a/b/manifest.pp modulepath=/a/b/modules tags=basefiles::edit,apache::server

Runs a plugin synch between the puppet master and agent

CLI Example: .. code-block:: bash

salt '*' puppet.plugin_sync*args, **kwargs)

Execute a puppet run and return a dict with the stderr, stdout, return code, etc. The first positional argument given is checked as a subcommand. Following positional arguments should be ordered with arguments required by the subcommand first, followed by non-keyword arguments. Tags are specified by a tag keyword and comma separated list of values. --


salt '*'
salt '*' tags=basefiles::edit,apache::server
salt '*' agent onetime no-daemonize no-usecacheonfailure no-splay ignorecache
salt '*' debug
salt '*' apply /a/b/manifest.pp modulepath=/a/b/modules tags=basefiles::edit,apache::server

2014.7.0 新版功能.

Display puppet agent status

CLI 范例:

salt '*' puppet.status

2014.7.0 新版功能.

Show a summary of the last puppet agent run

CLI 范例:

salt '*' puppet.summary