salt.modules.defaults.get(key, default='')

defaults.get is used much like pillar.get except that it will read a default value for a pillar from defaults.json or defaults.yaml files that are stored in the root of a salt formula.

CLI 范例:

salt '*' defaults.get core:users:root

The defaults is computed from pillar key. The first entry is considered as the formula namespace.

For example, querying core:users:root will try to load salt://core/defaults.yaml and salt://core/defaults.json.

salt.modules.defaults.merge(dest, upd)

Allows deep merging of dicts in formulas.

CLI Example: .. code-block:: bash

salt '*' default.merge a=b d=e

It is more typical to use this in a templating language in formulas, instead of directly on the command-line.