Module for sending messages to Slack

2015.5.0 新版功能.


This module can be used by either passing an api key and version directly or by specifying both in a configuration profile in the salt master/minion config.

For example:

  api_key: peWcBiMOS9HrZG15peWcBiMOS9HrZG15
salt.modules.slack_notify.call_hook(message, attachment=None, color='good', short=False, identifier=None)

Send message to Slack incomming webhook.

  • message -- The topic of message.
  • attachment -- The message to send to the Slacke WebHook.
  • color -- The color of border of left side
  • short -- An optional flag indicating whether the value is short enough to be displayed side-by-side with other values.
  • identifier -- The identifier of WebHook.

Boolean if message was sent successfuly.

CLI Example:

salt '*' slack.post_hook message='Hello, from SaltStack'
salt.modules.slack_notify.find_room(name, api_key=None)

Find a room by name and return it.

  • name -- The room name.
  • api_key -- The Slack admin api key.

The room object.

CLI Example:

salt '*' slack.find_room name="random"

salt '*' slack.find_room name="random" api_key=peWcBiMOS9HrZG15peWcBiMOS9HrZG15
salt.modules.slack_notify.find_user(name, api_key=None)

Find a user by name and return it.

  • name -- The user name.
  • api_key -- The Slack admin api key.

The user object.

CLI Example:

salt '*' slack.find_user name="ThomasHatch"

salt '*' slack.find_user name="ThomasHatch" api_key=peWcBiMOS9HrZG15peWcBiMOS9HrZG15

List all Slack rooms.

参数:api_key -- The Slack admin api key.
返回:The room list.

CLI Example:

salt '*' slack.list_rooms

salt '*' slack.list_rooms api_key=peWcBiMOS9HrZG15peWcBiMOS9HrZG15

List all Slack users.

参数:api_key -- The Slack admin api key.
返回:The user list.

CLI Example:

salt '*' slack.list_users

salt '*' slack.list_users api_key=peWcBiMOS9HrZG15peWcBiMOS9HrZG15
salt.modules.slack_notify.post_message(channel, message, from_name, api_key=None, icon=None)

Send a message to a Slack channel.

  • channel -- The channel name, either will work.
  • message -- The message to send to the Slack channel.
  • from_name -- Specify who the message is from.
  • api_key -- The Slack api key, if not specified in the configuration.
  • icon -- URL to an image to use as the icon for this message

Boolean if message was sent successfully.

CLI Example:

salt '*' slack.post_message channel="Development Room" message="Build is done" from_name="Build Server"