Manage HP ILO

depends:hponcfg (SmartStart Scripting Toolkit Linux Edition)
salt.modules.ilo.change_password(username, password)

Reset a users password

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.change_password damianMyerscough
salt.modules.ilo.change_username(old_username, new_username)

Change a username

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.change_username damian diana
salt.modules.ilo.configure_network(ip, netmask, gateway)

Configure Network Interface

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.configure_network [IP ADDRESS] [NETMASK] [GATEWAY]
salt.modules.ilo.configure_snmp(community, snmp_port=161, snmp_trapport=161)

Configure SNMP

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.configure_snmp [COMMUNITY STRING] [SNMP PORT] [SNMP TRAP PORT]
salt.modules.ilo.create_user(name, password, *privileges)

Create user

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.create_user damian secretagent VIRTUAL_MEDIA_PRIV

If no permissions are specify the user will only have a read-only account.

Supported privelges:

  • ADMIN_PRIV Enables the user to administer user accounts.
  • REMOTE_CONS_PRIV Enables the user to access the Remote Console functionality.
  • RESET_SERVER_PRIV Enables the user to remotely manipulate the server power setting.
  • VIRTUAL_MEDIA_PRIV Enables the user permission to access the virtual media functionality.
  • CONFIG_ILO_PRIV Enables the user to configure iLO settings.

Delete a users SSH key from the ILO

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.delete_user_sshkey damian

Delete a user

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.delete_user damian

Disable DHCP

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.disable_dhcp

Disable the SSH daemon

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.disable_ssh

Enable DHCP

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.enable_dhcp

Enable the SSH daemon

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.enable_ssh

Returns local user information, excluding the password

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.get_user damian

Show global settings

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.global_settings

List all users

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.list_users

List all users in detail

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.list_users_info

Grab the current network settings

CLI Example:

salt '*'

Configure the port HTTP should listen on

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.set_http_port 8080

Configure the port HTTPS should listen on

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.set_https_port 4334

Configure SSH public keys for specific users

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.set_ssh_key "ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBA... damian"

The SSH public key needs to be DSA and the last argument in the key needs to be the username (case-senstive) of the ILO username.


Enable SSH on a user defined port

CLI Example:

salt '*' ilo.set_ssh_port 2222